Born and raised in a small town in the German part of Switzerland, Elisabeth studied jewellery making and design at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich.


Curiosity brought Elisabeth to Canada in 1972, after having spent three years in the southern part of France.


Her early childhood years, which were spent on a small winery, created a very strong bond to nature. Her jewellery today is still a reflection of this bond.


Elisabeth creates uniquely one of a kind pieces in gold and silver.





School of Applied Arts (1964-1968), Zurich, Switzerland

Jewellery Making & Jewellery Design Diploma


Wunderlin Goldsmith, Zurich, Switzerland


Isler Goldsmith, Basel, Switzerland


Cavelti, Goldsmith, Vancouver, B.C.


Moug Jewellers, Montreal, P.Q.


YWCA – Jewellery Making Instructor, Montreal, P.Q.


Freelance (1977 – Present)






2023 Award "Excellence in Metal", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario


2007 "With Craft in Mind", Meta 4 Contemporary Gallery, Port Perry, Ontario, Winner: "Best in Show"


2006 Award of Excellence "Design in Craft", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario


2004 Award of Excellence from the Hamilton Art Council


1995 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Second Prize – Best Jewellery, Toronto, Ontario


1995 Burlington Art Center, 1st Prize – Best Jewellery, Best Artisan, Burlington, Ontario

EXCELLENCE IN METAL 2023 AWARD by the Carnegie Gallery

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